The Independence in Risk

The Risk of Independence

The Declaration of Independence, the statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 announced that the 13 American colonies of Great Britain would regard themselves as 13 independent sovereign states. 
The 56 signers of this bold document were risk takers and they knew it.  Legends emerged years later about the signing.  Among these legends was the story that John Hancock told the Congress shortly after the signing that they must now "all hang together," and Benjamin Franklin replied: "Yes, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." 
Our forefathers were aware of the risky actions and willfully chose to make their bold statement.  While not to the extent of our forefathers, our employees are risk takers in the workplace.  They evaluate their surroundings and make decisions that affect their personal safety hundreds of times per day.  Like our forefathers, workers are driven to a…

Tamworth Business Solutions: A Business on Mission

On a summer Sunday morning, I listened to our Pastor describe being generous to others by not only giving from our finances, but also our skills.  From this message, Tamworth Business Solutions was born and since that time our opportunities for service have been overwhelming.  Tamworth Business Solutions is a service oriented provider of Safety and Risk Management Services for those small to medium sized businesses that are large enough to meet eligibility requirements of various regulating authorities but yet are too small to employ someone full time to manage these requirements.
Our Mission Statement:
Tamworth Business Solutions is committed to providing individualized resolutions to the needs of our client base.  We will be honest in our evaluations and suggestions and work tirelessly in our efforts to provide quality all around service to those who call upon us.
Our Ethics and Standards:
Tamworth Business Solutions does not discriminate against any client, potential client or busines…